The Way of St. James is above all a human story made up of new encounters and sharing. It is not a simple route strewn with scallop shells here and there 😄. For the pilgrims walking to Santiago de Compostela, it is difficult to evoke their pilgrimages on the roads to Santiago without thinking back to the people with whom they travelled several kilometers, to the evenings of remaking the world around a good meal or, quite simply, to the human adventure that such a journey can represent for them.

Bring the Pilgrims of the Camino from France, Europe and all over the world directly to your home !

Whether we are an apprentice pilgrim or experienced pilgrim, the time between when we consider going on the Compostela routes and the time when we actually put on our hiking shoes can sometimes seem like an eternity.

This is our case. We both work a lot. The rest of our time is spent with family and friends. Routine sometimes sets in and takes us away from the Camino. But this desire to leave everything for a few weeks, to be together free from all the daily tasks, never really leaves us.

To help us to be patient (yes, patience is not necessarily our strong point 😂 )… and since we cann walk on the Ways of St. James as much as we would like, we choose to make the pilgrims of Compostela come to us, and to you!

A kind of mini teasing of the pilgrimage to raise the excitement before the great departure: the moment when we will be able to (re)make our first steps on the Camino de Santiago.

This is how the idea was born to make portraits of pilgrims, to discover new stories, new travel adventure of people on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

Our crazy project: to present new pilgrims every week for 1 year

Why this challenge? Because we both love challenges. It’s also a kind of commitment we’re making to you who are reading us right now.

And then, we wanted to put a little fun in our blog.

Beyond the simple challenge, it is also an opportunity to share a new story each week of other pilgrims before being able to make ours a reality, to discover dozens of different paths, each one more enriching than the other, to live a little bit of the Way before taking our own path.

When they come back, many pilgrims have this desire to transmit their love of the Way and all this beautiful energy accumulated during their walk. So why deprive themselves of it?

You have made the Way to Santiago, in France, in Spain, in Europe or even in the whole world? If you want to tell us about your pilgrimage, contact us by email !

So, what does it consist of?

Even before leaving, we are already looking for contact with the Way and the other pilgrims. Some are contacting an association. Others join forums or a Facebook discussion group dedicated to pilgrims to ask all their questions and reassure themselves, while drooling in front of superb photos of the Camino. An irrepressible desire to already immerse ourselves in this unique adventure that awaits us, each path being inspiring and fuels our own desire to finally dare and take the plunge.

So here is a new way to to get closer to el Camino and the people who embody it!

Every week, we will do on our blog the portrait of one or several pilgrims with different profiles (that’s all the beauty of the Way : its diversity).

The format of these portraits is not fixed – just like the content which will remain as free as possible. It could be an exchange of questions and answers, excerpts or even, why not, book summaries, an audio exchange or even, who knows, a little video.

We will discover all these beautiful people, their paths of life, their pilgrimage, what this unique adventure has brought them.

In any case, we wish to vibrate with all these magnificent stories that these pilgrims will have the pleasure to share with us.

See you very soon for our first portrait and have a nice pilgrimage to you to all !

Fab and Lilly