A 100% question-and-answer “Compostela blog” that adapts to every situation.

We are delighted to welcome you on this brand new « Compostela blog ». We are Fab and Lilly, two French who have been passionate about hiking for many years (mainly PR® trails – short hikes). We discovered the Camino when Lilly started working for a famous hiking guide dedicated to Compostela.

As a consequence, it was quite natural that we wanted to go for several days with our backpacks, to try a GR® – long hike. As we had little time because of our respective jobs, we set off in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson (Chemin de Stevenson) for 15 days. An incredible hike in the heart of France which was a revelation for us. One day, we would go for the Saint James’ Way until Santiago de Compostela.

Since then, we have had a little girl, Clara, to whom we wish to pass on our passion for hiking and the strong values of the pilgrims of Compostela: respect for nature, simplicity, humility, open-mindedness, sharing, surpassing oneself and much more. One more reason to walk the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela all together.

A blog about Compostela that is different, why?

As we begin to prepare for our pilgrimage, dozens of questions arise. However, there are many websites about Compostela. But these sites give general and descriptive information on the roads to Compostela in Spain and France. None of them give really targeted answers adapted to a particular personal context (in our case, going on the Way with our kid). And yet we are not the only ones in an atypical situation.

So we have to snoop around and sort out what may or may not be useful to us. We spend hours there. In some cases, we also miss important information to know about pilgrimage.

Most of the time, these websites also direct us to the most frequented paths. And yet… The Camino de Santiago is not only the Voie du Puy (Via Podiensis – GR®65) in France and the Camino Francés in Spain. These are not the only two Jacobean routes that a future pilgrim can take to reach Santiago de Compostela. In fact, these two routes do not seem to be the most suitable for everyone.

We therefore felt like making an extremely practical blog on Compostela, which will allow us to share all the answers we find. A site that is different from the others because it is 100 % questions-answers dedicated to Compostela. A blog that adapts to every situation. But also a blog where we could share our pilgrimage and write about this adventure that will undoubtedly mark our whole life.

Helping to find the right Way according to each situation

The challenges and constraints can be very different if you wish :

  • hiking for several months or a few days,
  • walk alone or meet dozens of other pilgrims,
  • hiking with your dog,
  • Hiking with a donkey,
  • go hiking with your kids,
  • take up a sporting challenge,
  • discover unique historical sites,
  • take a spiritual journey,
  • make a religious pilgrimage,
  • to make the way to Santiago de Compostela by bicycle

The Way of St. James, there are many routes, each one more beautiful and surprising than the others, which will be able to fill with happiness and meet all the expectations of apprentice pilgrims. We would like to share here the information that will help you choose the right itinerary and fully enjoy the unique experience that awaits you.

To be free to create the most beautiful adventure of one’s life.

We know how difficult it can be to leave everything behind for several weeks, to set off on an adventure in a foreign country, to immerse oneself in a new culture with only a backpack weighing about ten kilos as a travel companion.

The offers of service providers allow us to respond to these different fears and we understand this.

And yet we are convinced that, to make this pilgrimage the adventure of our lives, it is up to us to take matters into our own hands. Our satisfaction and sense of fulfilment can only be strengthened by it.

Therefore, we will not promote tour operators here and we do not sell turnkey stays. We are not a guide, a travel agency, an equipment supplier, a luggage carrier, etc. We are not a tour operator. We are just two French hiking enthusiasts who want to share their first steps on the Camino and discover the many wonders of the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, but also and especially in France, our native country.

We have at heart to simply share the most relevant information and thus allow people to make the Way of Santiago de Compostela with constraints that can be quite different according to each person’s situation.

A blog whose mission is sharing and access to all

Passionate about foreign languages and cultures, we have taken on the challenge of offering this blog in 6 languages. Clearly, we don’t speak (yet) all these languages… but it was important to us to share our passion for hiking with as many of you as possible, to break down borders and make it easier for you to access information, whatever your country of origin.

It is also an opportunity to go further practicing certain languages and to learn others as we write articles. So the translations are not 100% correct, that’s a fact. But we are giving you quality and really useful information which we hope will be of great help to everyone.

The beauty of the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela is its diversity and the encounters of pilgrims from all over the world. We would therefore be delighted to exchange with future pilgrims from all over the world via this blog from now on.

To follow our adventures, it’s here!

We will be making our first pilgrimage very soon and will share all the stages of our preparation here. Thank you all very much for the kindness you will have towards us. Do not hesitate to comment and share your opinions on our blog.

Have a good pilgrimage to all and Ultreïa!

Fab & Lilly

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